Microchip Identification

What is a  Microchip?

The ResQ chip is a safe, simple and permanent form of pet identification to immediately identify lost pets and quickly reunite them with their owners.

The microchip is injected under your pet’s skin over the shoulders. Each chip contains a unique barcode (much like those seen on products in stores). The chip is gentle to the tissues and does not cause a reaction to the body. When a scanner is passed over the pet, the bar code is read. The Pet Recovery Network will supply information on the pet with that barcode, and this service is available nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The owner is responsible for keeping information current with the Pet Recovery Network. All veterinary hospitals, shelters, and rescue groups have scanners.

While microchipping can be done at any time, we recommend doing while your pet is under anesthesia for a routine procedures such as spaying or neutering.